Webcon fuel pressure gauge advice.

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  1. Yo, I’m running a standard 2.0 with twin Dells and a Facet cube pump and every thing if good but I wanted to know exactly what pressure I was running at so fitted a webcon gauge tonight in to one of their alloy housings in the pipe between the two carbs. First off I could not get it to seal without using ptfe tape and then I was only reading a half to one psi. So my questions are, is it safe to use ptfe tape long term and would my engine run ok on such a low pressure or is the gauge faulty. :thinking::thinking:
  2. That doesn’t sound right, and I wouldn’t the gauge on permanently - it’s just another thing to potentially leak.

    If you’ve got one of the cheap Drayton vacuum gauges, they’ll work fine in the other direction as a fuel pressure gauge.

    Edit: do the threads on the gauge and the adaptor match? Are they both the same thread?
  3. Mine's done 2500 miles in the loop, exact same set up as you. I thought about removing it, but it was very useful when the carb float stuck, the pressure showed lower than normal; it was the tell tale clue.

    You may need to adjust your regulator , they aren't all set right out of the box.
  4. I was going to replace the gauge with the blanking plug after checking but now I think I’ll remove the whole thing. Now I need to know if I have very low pressure or a faulty gauge. Van still running good though.
  5. Ive never had a regulator. Just assumed that the Facet pump would be correct. Now I’m being nosey wanting to know what the pressure is. Is it possible that it can be running as well as it does on less than 1 psi ?
  6. You likely be able to find a cheap industrial pressure gauge on fleaBay. They’re cheap enough.
  7. True, but I thought a webcon gauge was a good quality item. Trouble is it was a gift and I’ve had it for ages. The threads are tapered and the whole thing looks like it’s well made.
  8. Surely to test the pressure you need to block it off before it gets to carbs or run pump with engine off
  9. Very good point. So the next question is do the carbs need 3 psi available to them or do they need to maintain 3 psi when running ???
  10. The carb doesn’t need pressure, it needs flow, if the engine runs fine with 1psi it’s getting enough flow.
  11. I guess I'm possibly looking in to it too much. I expected to see a nice healthy 3 psi at all times. I was concerned it might have had too much pressure. As it's running okay ill remove the worry gauge and go camping.
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  12. You probably have the lowest pressure Facet cube, advertised pressure is 2-4 psi (at the pump) you’ll lose pressure through the pipes, hoses and filter if you have one after the pump and lifting the fuel from the tank up to the carbs.

    I’d expect more than 1psi at the carb but I doubt if the gauge is 100% accurate and unless you get someone to look at the gauge as you’re driving along with the engine under load you won’t know what the pressure is under normal conditions.

    If it works I wouldn’t worry about – I’ve never measured mine and don’t intend to.:)
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  13. You could always test the gauge...
    Stick a clear PVC tube on it . Like 3mm air hose for fish tanks.
    Poke the air filled tube into a water filled container about 2 feet deep. When the water level in the air filled tube is 14 inches below the water surface of the container that should be about 0.5 psi.

    And that also, turning it upside down that 1 psi will lift water 28 inches.. it means also that the feeble pressure you see is enough to get from the pump to the carb and just about fill the float chamber.
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  14. Might stick a 6 inch straw in to half a pint of JD and coke and see how long it takes to drink it. :beer:
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