VW T2 Front Bumper. Year?

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  1. Hi Guys, newbie here. Currently restoring a 1974 VW T2. We bought the van as a project and it came with most parts. I’m trying to find out which year the front bumper is that came with the van as the holes don’t align. Thanks in advance. Dan

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  2. that doesn t look like a bay van bumper to narrow
  3. looks like you have an early bumper and a later front on the van, so the square bumper would fit the van
    see my profile picture
  4. Thanks for your replies, I thought it may be from an early or different, I have struggled finding a similar looking bumper on google for a 74. Will be putting it up for sale & sourcing a square one. Cheers
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  5. Yes you need one like this AEA30F4A-4A77-49A6-A2B6-DE9969AA07FA.jpeg
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