Vintage Coleman Fridge

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  1. I see tons of these on Ebay and they are almost always fairly cheap for some reason. I have to assume people just don't realize how great they are.
    I used to have one and I could just kick myself for losing it.
    Notice the large drawer on the bottom with the little spigot? It holds several pounds of ice, enough to keep the fridge cold for at least two days. Naturally, it goes in the top slot and the shelves go under it, but for some reason every ad will show it pictured on the bottom.
    As the ice melts it provides a steady supply of ice-cold drinking water from the spigot, plenty for two for a weekend.
    It actually saved our asses, quite literally, once. We went to a Rainbow hippie gathering on a big farm. As it turned out, the farm's water supply had been tainted by the cow poo in the nearby fields. Because we only drank our melted ice we were among the very few who didn't spend the following week planted on a toilet. 8)
    Anyway, it's also very nice to have dry refrigeration. We kept sandwiches and leftover kabobs wrapped in foil and everything stayed ice cold and bone dry.
    They are also versatile. You can remove the shelves and ice drawer and lay it on it's back like a standard cooler and just dump ice in it if you want.
    Coleman also makes new electric fridges that are quite affordable, but they don't have a drawer full of ice, a spigot for cold drinking water and they need electricity, which can get scarce if you're camping on battery power.
    So if you need cheap dry refrigeration for your camping trips, I highly recommend one of these before people catch on and the price starts going up. ;)

  2. That looks fab. Would love one of these. Sadly can only see one for sale, and that's in the states. Will have to keep looking :(

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