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  1. Hi guys
    Now I can actually drive my bus I need some tyres for it as the ones that are on were manufactured in 2001
    They have good tread but I assume it's best to change them?
    But what do I put on, I think the ones on at the moment are standard car tyres.
    Should I be looking at something like 185R 15C ???[​IMG]

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  2. If you have the original wheels then tyres are 185R14C . Tyre choice is dependant on what you use it for and what you want to pay. The best summer tyres at the moment are still Continental Contivan Contact 100 for wet stopping, but pants on a muddy field.
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  3. As above, use van tyres,
    Will improve the handling & wallow a lot less with the stiffer side walls.
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  4. A lot used hankook , I’ve used Michelin and toyo both been fine ,the Toyo’s were cheaper but I think hankooks are cheapererererer?
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  5. 2nd vote for hankook

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  6. Michelin 'Agilis' van tyres, they even look the part with a 'squared off' profile.
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  7. Avon Supervans :thumbsup:
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  8. michelin agilis. best tyres best handling.
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    Anything that’s adequately rated.
    They’re tyres, not wrist watches!
  10. I put a nice set of Avons on mine this year because the previous ones were ten years old (and one in particular was looking its age). Definitely change them if they're 2001 vintage - they are the only things holding you on the road!
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  11. Continental contivan 1. I’m not sure if they are available in England but these I bought in Germany. They’re holding up at my blinding top speed of 60 mph 2E2C12B6-1268-401D-A66F-9992742AF5CE.jpeg
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  12. Good on a muddy field but that type are not made anymore.

    Balance up nicely as well.
    Balance 4.JPG
  13. Don’t worry too much about tyre production date. A friend of mine owns a tyre shop & told me sometimes tyres they order new have a production date of a few years previous.
    Check the tread & sidewalls for cracking & signs of perishing as is the procedure during an MOT.
    If you do decide to replace them the Michelin Agilis is a good choice as has already been mentioned.
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    18 years and “a few years” are fairly different....
  15. I think the tyre shop owner needs to buy from different suppliers !
  16. If that’s the advice from your friend I wouldn’t buy tyres from him. The tyre production date is important.
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  17. Just treated the van to a set of Hankooks. Got me worried about the age thing. 12 year old Michelin Agilis came off still with 7mm of tread and looking like new. As said the composition of the rubber changes with time so not worth the risk.
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  18. Korean tyre last long time, you bet!
  19. Says they are made in Hungry on them. Think they are a decent mid range tyre. :thumbsup:

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