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  1. Just ordered some tyres for my stock steel wheels and have ordered 185/80/R14, only to double check this morning and see that they are75 not 80, van is a US import. Chap in the tyre place said that the 80s will be slightly bigger and van rated, whereas the 75s are car rated.

    Any issues any one can see?
  2. No issues if you’ve bought 185/80/R14C; they’re the correct size and load rating. Your speedo will be more accurate than it would be with 185/75/R14 car tyres.
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  3. The 75 or 80 refers to sidewall height as a percentage of treadwidth. One is a bit bigger diameter on the outside than the other.
    If they are van tyres, good .. if not ...

    More of a concern would be the load ratings.. for a bus the car rating of 88 is a bit low. The least I am happy with are 92 heavy duty, ideally 96 or 102 rating.. these are my rears..
    185/65R15 92T

    630kg at 50 psi...
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  4. Was that an assumption by the tyre chap or did he actually look at the load rating? As Mike pointed out 80 or 75 aspect ratio has nothing to do with load rating.
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  5. Thanks Mike, they are 102, but he said that the 75s he had were much less than this. I am getting them from North Hants Tyres who supply a lot of classic vehicles. I just wondered if I should hang out for 75s with a decent load rating, or whether the 80s will make that much difference?
  6. If you go for the 75 profile the overall diameter will be smaller than a standard tyre, the engine will rev more and the speedo will be less accurate.

    Mike has 15” wheels, 185/65x15 are 24.5” dia. A standard 185/80x14 tyre is 25.7”, 185/75x14 are 24.9”.

    I have 15” wheels with 195/70x15 tyres, 25.7” (the same dia as standard).
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  8. davidoft

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    The 75s are the wrong tyres, cheap America owner fitted the cheaper incorrect tyre, 185 14c out of interest why from north hants tyres , they’re not hard to find
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  9. pc plod will do ye for wrong rated tyres
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  10. research i did on tyres; minimum load rating you should have on the rear is 93 (650kg per tyre) for a westy as this has max axle load of 1270kg (ie 635kg per tyre). I'm actually running 96's on the rears btw. fronts you don't need as high, anything 85 and up is fine.
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  11. A question, say you’ve got 65 or even 60 tyres all round, it’s Saturday night it’s yellow snowing down with rain and plod pulls you, do you think he’s going to know what a 40 year old campers load rate tyres should be
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  12. if they re traffic branch yes
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  13. i think those guys don't exist any more - budget cuts o_O
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  14. :thumbsup::thumbsup:
    That is remarkable they must know the tyre rating of thousands of different cars and after market alloys :thumbsup:
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  15. It is not hard, the maximum axle loads are on the vin plate which the tyres load index hould be equal to.
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  16. And you think they are going to worry about a rusty old camper, I think they’ve got bigger fish to fry
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  17. ron


    tyre suitability is part of the mot and i would imagine if you "motless" you more likely to get pulled at a dvla check point
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  18. its a case of each to there own , if you want to listen to advise
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  19. 43 years driving and over a million miles covered and never been pulled by the dvla
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  20. ron


    ha! put the mockers on it now :D

    think they are doing it more and more now a days humber bridge is one of their favourite places (all traffic)-less traffic cops -more technology
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