Today is Teddy Bear Day

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    The teddy bear is one of the most popular toys for children, and holds a special place in many adults hearts, too. This lovable stuffed animal has a day all of its own, Teddy Bear Day. It gives a chance for people to get teddy out of the cupboard and make him the centre of attention. It’s an ideal time to get together with others for a teddy bear’s favourite activity, having a picnic, as immortalised in the classic song, ‘Teddy Bear’s Picnic.’ This was written in 1907, shortly after teddy bears were first manufactured in Europe and America. The American toy bears were named Teddy, in honour of President Theodore Roosevelt, who had refused to shoot a small captured bear on a hunting trip. Many teddy bears have become famous over the years, including Paddington Bear, Rupert Bear, Pudsey Bear and, of course, Winnie the Pooh.

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  2. 5DE865AC-CC48-4CFF-BA4F-03ADA9F1CEB0.jpeg Here’s me with mine in Disneyland,Florida. Had him as a present, the day I was born. I promised I would take him to Disneyland, when I was a very small child.
    Got there in the end.

    Sad, I know, but at least I kept my word.

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  3. He looks like a cool bear :thumbsup:
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    My teddy ( Christmas 1954) is at the house in Sydney, he's a bit threadbare but still loved.
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  6. It’s still great to have a direct connection with your own childhood, for me,anyway.
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  7. He’s been through a lot...
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