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  1. My son has a shower mixer tap which has seized up. Is there any way of fixing it without removing the bath side panel to get at its guts? Going down there tomorrow so any advice would be appreciated! received_719280988490855.jpeg
  2. Seized up in what way?
  3. Nice clean grout, BTW :thumbsup:
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  4. There isn’t any guts behind the bath panel, unless you are intending on removing the taps.
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  5. Merlin Cat

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    Whs ^^ Don’t forget to turn the water off before you take the tap apart :)/
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  6. I'm not a plumber, but if you like I can come round, suck my teeth and shake my head slowly. Would that help?
  7. That looks brand new - does he live in a B&Q ?
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  8. Good point. Bet that’s not a hard water area!
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  9. Can't pull the knob!
  10. Thank god for that!
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  11. No!
  12. Was a fairly new build. The previous owners were getting divorced and wanted rid of the house fast so they actually bought our son's old house to speed up the deal!

    It's actually a rather nice house.
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  13. Probably divorced because there was no longer any call for the knob to be seized?
  14. jivedubbin

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    Turn the water off.pull up diverter knob, unscrew with spanner,jiggle the moving parts while lubricating with WD 40, clean it apply good quality silicone lube and use regularly to keep it moving.

    This applies to most things in life
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  15. ^^^^^ that’ll do it ^^^^^^ :thumbsup:
  16. It may be full of which case pour vinegar carefully over the knob , so it runs down the shaft and into the guts and leave overnight....
  17. Merlin Cat

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  18. Merlin Cat

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    I have exactly this job to do at my dads this very day :)
  19. :hattip:
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  20. This ^^^
    The knob should unscrew and the mechanism can be cleaned with taps in situ...
    Obviously-water off !!

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