tiny now 10 gets tobuy his first car a vw polo

Discussion in 'Restorations' started by shielsy, Aug 8, 2018 at 11:56 AM.

  1. now then Owen, hope your well fella, its been a while!
  2. yes mork it has been , in a much better place now , glad to be back ,MISSED the crack and friendship of friends on here , now tiny has now taken a great interest in cars il enjoy teaching him
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  3. did ye ever finish the bug
  4. glad to hear your on the up, long may it continue!

    We didn't have a bug but we had the 73 (Gusbus) which is used often, he has a 1915 type 4 which goes very well & we love getting away in him. Major, our '77 westy is in the workshop at the moment undergoing a rebuild..all good fun innit :D
  5. 10 eh..
    How time flies..

    He will soon be 18..:eek:
  6. well james cooke fitted new part so now starting of the key , just need to move it , until where ready to do it
  7. Have you got somewhere on private land where he can drive it or us he just going to tinker with the engine and tidy it up? Btw have you still got your Moggy Minor?
  8. Merlin Cat

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    It looks very tidy. I’d drive that. Btw happy belated birthday @shielsy :)
  9. moggy flew out the door , same as spitfire and fiat 500, now have 78 fiesta with 16500 miles minter , 91 cavalier 41000 minter plastic still on back seats full history , files etc 14oo twin cAM MK 3 ASTRA 61000 miles full history viva , cheers for birthday
  10. engine is perfect , 1 4 inch sq patch , mo[p body , carpet set, james next door neighbour bought it new

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