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  1. Cardiff bay after the storm. Those huts are where you usually go to pay for boat trips around the bay, or catch the water bus.[​IMG]

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  2. Look like self flushing toilets now .
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  3. Poptop2

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    Beautiful here this afternoon. Terrible overnight?
  4. 25 c in east Yorkshire and no rain sorry for all those that are suffering
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  5. 72 F here in Chippy but very windy.
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  6. Weve been up to Hardwick Hall, the weather was brilliant, a touch windy mind

    DSC_1343.JPG DSC_1369.JPG
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  7. Been told it 30c in Barnsley but up in a cold 18c Haworth drinking Saltaire blond, is it safe @Ermintrude ?
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  8. I’m thinking of having 2 weeks in the Costa Del Barnsley next summer, will you show us around @crossy2112
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  9. Is this weekend your birthday treat Nig
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  10. Welcome any time Bazza :thumbsup:
  11. Just been told 5.6% isn't an afternoon drink Bazza :)
  12. Enjoy my son, hope you have a great time

    Ps have you got your silk panties on wink wink?
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  13. Mrs C has :D
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  14. Howorth, home of the Bronty sisters or have I got that wrong?
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  15. Sailing in the sunshine. 18 deg C.

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  16. Bazza, just gone in a pub in Haworth about 30 miles from home and the landlord is from where I was born :eek:
    Its him who said 5.6% isn't an afternoon drink :)
    I questioned whats happened to my birth place :D
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  17. :thumbsup: and lots of ghosts that Mrs C likes.
  18. Bazza, google Black Bull Haworth.
    Will post photo's later :)
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  19. Are you staying there?
  20. The rooms are closed for a refurb we are down the road at the Registry.
    We said we will book room 3 next year which was on most haunted :)

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