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  1. 11.09.2019

    Hurrah - got the gear stick on and the movement is really good.
    Only issue is from third to fourth, I could hear it catching something at the back.
    Had a look and could see it was catching slightly on the last H beam so will need a little fettling but nothing massive so fairly happy :)


    No idea where the gear knob is………...
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  2. 17.09.2019

    Fitted the brake and clutch pedals tonight and had a look at fitting the clutch cable.

    It wasn’t long enough :(

    According to the sticker on the pack and JK’s web site this is the correct one, but when I attached it to the leaver at the gearbox end and pulled it tight at the clutch pedal end, with the clutch pedal was up, it measured short by around 75mm……….

    The 68 to 71 cable shows as 3254 so still to short - or is it me??

    Pic of the sticker.


    Fitted the speedo cable which went well.



    Another one for you guys….. Then tried to put the heater cables in. Cut the ends off at the engine end and when I pull them they don’t budge - is it just a case of more brute force??

  3. 18.09.2019

    Attached the clutch cable to the pedal first then to the arm at the gearbox end (with the wing nut only on by about 5mm).

    With the pedal fully up (as in clutch would be engaged) the arm is not perpendicular and when you look at the clutch release bearing is pushed out by about 5cm.



    Looks to me like the cable is too short!

    Then to the heater cables………

    Started to work on the nearside one first doing as suggested by twisting and pulling - it started to move. Got about 30cm out then went very easy.

    I thought “great, cracked it”…….. Then noticed that the cable was uncoiling and ended up with just unwound coild about 10ft in length.

    Looks like the outer sheath is stuck inside (could be from welding the conduit to the chassis….)

    Really hard to pull now so gave up this evening and will have another go tomorrow.


    All good fun I suppose :)
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  4. So - took the cable out and measured it - give or take 5mm its as per the label it is about 3210 so can't blame them.
    It looks like I need the pre '71 cable then so will give them a ring tomorrow and hope we can do a swap.

    Also, rain stopped play so no real work made today.
  5. 27.09.2019

    Hurrah - got the longer clutch cable (for the 71 year only) which is perfick :) :)



    Will take it out (again) now I know it's good and grease it and fit the rubber boots to go over the ends of the to stop rubbish getting into the tube....

    Weather is crap this week so this is all I could do.
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