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  1. I fancy going for a nights fishing next week but all my friends are saying it’s too cold for them , it looks as if the “soft southerners” label is correct :(
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  2. Bazza, I can let them have a few long sleeved shirts if it helps :thumbsup:
  3. Back in the 70's we used to fish Dungeness beach many nights in winter for the big cod. Those were the days.
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  4. You must have looked like Dexy's Midnight Runners ?
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  5. I always say that when I don’t wana go :D
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  6. Come on Eileen!
  7. It's mild...:thumbsup:
    get out there Haynes...!
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  8. They were big. My dad used to go down to fish for dinner at Dungeness, and the cod we used to eat were about the size of farmed salmon these days.
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  9. Cold doesn’t bother me , As Scott of the arseantic once said” I’m going now I might be some time “
    Thinking about it it wasn’t Scott it was one of the others but you know what I mean, whatever the weather I’ll be carping next week.:thumbsup:
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  10. Poor Eileen.
    She must have looked like a plasterers radio...
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  11. Went down Chesil 28th December. Had 3 codling and 5 pout. And a dogfish... you always catch a dogfish...
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  12. I managed to blank last time at Chesil ohh the shame
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  13. Get back down there. Cods in!
  14. Will do as soon as I get rid of the man flu but do have a trip booked for my birthday beginning of March
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  15. [​IMG]

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  16. :eek:
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  17. I'm pretty sure it starts "poor old Johnny Ray, sounded sad upon the radio, moved a million hearts in mono"
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  18. Own up - how many have zoomed in ??
  19. Hmm, only you by the looks of it!:rolleyes:
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  20. Likewise . Mind you there was a shelter about every 20 yards.
    @Barry Haynes there's still good carping to be had this time of year and tbh it ain't that cold.
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