The pub with no beer

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Clipper2bay, Feb 9, 2019.

  1. I dropped into noted air-cooled specialist VW heritage in Shoreham today to buy a fan belt for my 1600 twin port. You know, the belt that drives the fan that cools the air cooled engine.
    They were out of stock.

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  2. That sucks...
  3. Merlin Cat

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    That’s only a bit annoying!
  4. davidoft

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    I think heritage started meyle, bit like dixons and matsui, think it’s a bullplop brand , I could be wrong
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  5. Nothing like a bita bullplop :D
  6. I heard a guy on the radio a few years ago moaning as he’d been to his local branch of staples to buy some staples, and they didn’t have any.

    Always expect the unexpected
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  7. I went to a pub in Barnsley and asked for a pint of strong beer, they didn’t have any :thumbsup:
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  8. Moons

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  9. Watch it, lad!
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  10. You can use a pair of tights :thumbsup:
  11. I prefer stockings;)
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  12. Don’t they leave marks round the top of your legs?
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  13. Our local pub ran out of chips in the recent snow had to send a tractor out for supplies
  14. I’ve seen you in stockings to be honest pop socks suit you better :p
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  15. Ssshhh, you'll make everyone jealous:D
  16. You think we'd sell ANY local beer to soft sarf lot o_O
  17. davidoft

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    but what will I use to keep my legs looking fabulous, im all out of eyeliner pens and gravy :D
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  18. Well when I lived in Barnsley a mate came to see me from Wakefield and tried to order a pint of mild. Mild...mild they said, that’s what bairns are weaned on.

    Wakefield is 12 miles away and considered a bit soft in Barnsley.

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