The bus formerly known as Daisy...

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  1. Well, it's time I made a start, I guess...maybe once the snow's cleared :confused:
    From the front...

    ...and the rear...

    I'm still working on the "todo" list, but rear offside lower corner and battery tray are first on the hit list. The previous owner bundled a new pair of doors (which is good, since the bottoms are shot) - complete with seals. The roof is going to have to come off before the hinges rust through completely - and I can see some things I don't like the look of (that'll be fibreglass) under the hinge side.

    More to follow...if and when the weather gets better!
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  2. Have fun. :) You'll get to know her very well.
  3. Best of luck with the resto dude
  4. You will love every minute of it, best of luck cool Bus
  5. She looks like she's crying little rust tears!
  6. hehe very true. MOT's due by 28th - I'm aiming to get it through that hurdle (which will require a new exhaust) but I *think* the structure is good enough. As long as the integrity of the battery tray is not looked at too closely ;)
  7. Apologies, that was a girly thing to say!
  8. And so your VW journey starts. Enjoy and keep posting.
  9. So I decided to investigate the rust eminating from the headlights... that just proves I think that the PO or their agent didn't bother to prime properly. I was also looking for the missing grommet that the wiring should pass through...which I found the wrong side of the repair barrels which have been used. Check out the stunning piece of wiring on the sidelight terminal! Something else to add to the list...

  10. Thats shoddy but an easy enough fix
  11. a degree in electronics helps....I think ;)
    And so to order some more connectors.
  12. In an effort to pass an MOT, I've replaced the rear light units with new (Brazilian) replacements from VWH. Unfortunately I couldn't get the screws out of the offside unit to replace only the lens and the tail light connector tab broke off the nearside :(. Beware...these "complete" units from VWH are complete in that they have unit and lens, but no rear cover NOR nuts to match the captive bolts to hold the unit onto the body. Good that the old nuts came off with little trouble, but less good that there was one missing to begin with! Ho hum.
  13. Diddymen

    Diddymen Moderator

    nice project ...looking forward to your progress

    ...good luck :)
  14. Right. First hurdle out of the way - MOT passed <smug grin>
    And so to set about getting things up to scratch :)
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  15. Congratulations on the pass dude
  16. Eek. Just realised it's been over a year since I last posted in here!
    Anyway.The sniff of sun brought out the mechanic in me, so it was up on ramps and engine out…to investigate the fuel lines. So…

    Engine and bulkhead removed to find a slightly melted breather line…and...


    …a heavily cracked filler pipe…


    So I set about changing some things…and found...


    New filler neck duly installed and started replacing flex breather bits. Seems I'm growing a collection of small jubilee clips as they get replaced with proper line clips ;)

    Next to reconnect the rubber between the tank and fill pipe and the rest of the breathers. Let's just hope the weather holds for a bit!
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  17. You were right to look at those then! Where did you get the new filler neck from, as I'm going to do that too once mine gets here :)
  18. the neck was from Cool air…in fact I think that all the fuel line bits were from them - since I found myself on their doorstep a while ago and hedged my bets...
  19. Cheers dude :) For some reason I always find myself forgetting that CoolAir exist.. I've no idea why!

    How much needs doing before MOT time now?
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  20. A little more today…
    Drained the fuel tank and removed it. It looks like it's been repaired at some point, but quite clean inside…
    Also replaced the remaining breathers done - including that behind the wheel arch!
    Tested the gauge sender which seems to be working properly - so it's either the stabiliser or actual needle that's not working.

    The good news is that the metal work under the tank has only surface rust….so now for a clean up, quick lick of paint and start to put it all back together again!

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