The Bruce Arms, nr Pewsey

Discussion in 'Wilts' started by The Bruce, May 24, 2015.

  1. anyone stayed here? Going for a couple of nights here as exploring the Stonehenge area. Looks basic but decent, and ofc next to the pub :)
  2. Used to work in pewsey.....whole area is nice :) only 20 minutes away from savernake forest and avebury stones/silbury hill/west kennett long barrow/cherhill white horse and obelisk so theres plenty of tourist sites in the area. Red Lion at avebury is nice, and supposedly haunted lol
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  3. Yup great area.
    Bruce arms nice old pub, decent ale, pool and football table (good for ten year old) whilst we had a good couple of days there and the field is ok, the shower/toilet block was filthy.
  4. All campsite toilet blocks were filthy unpainted breeze block with tin roofs, decorated with 10 years worth of dusty spiders webs when I were a lad. Tis good for your soul. :)
  5. lol, true! I braved it and had a shower. Campfires/marshmallows were enough to blank the dirt out!
    Tbf grew up going on holidays to 'bungalows' owned by family in chapel St Leonard' hot water, corrugated tin toilet outside....absolutely loved it
  6. Makes you appreciate home when you get back too!
  7. Aye, watching bug restoration on for the love of cars on sky hd on nice sofa :)

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