Testing Westfalia fridge

Discussion in 'Mech Tech' started by AndyC, Apr 9, 2015.

  1. Really?
    I thought I found a consumption chart that said 3-4 aH.

    Maybe I was reading the wrong fridge!
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  3. And does that one fit?

    Looks like it should.
  4. Ok. Cheers. The plot continues.....
  5. If I did it again I would use a kit like previously posted and mount the plate to my existing unit.
  6. And I think you wanted some LEDs for the dash? Send me a pm with your addy and I will send some over
  7. Is it a simple-ish install?

    I assume it's just a case of swapping the parts over?

    I might even find I can kick start the fridge into life once it's out. So refraining from spending money just yet!
  8. When I remove the fridge, can I use water to remove the dust and grim off of the pipes?

    As long as I'm careful around the electrics.

    Or is it a no no?

  9. A damp cloth maybe. Easy with the pressure wash:eek:

    I'd probably just Hoover it and spray on a little Flash. Remember to wear your Marigolds
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  10. It's been hoovered, but it's still fluffy..... Tee hee.
  11. Yeah, as @andyv says, go easy. It's all sealed. Be careful around the electrics and the fibreglass insulation that is wrapped around the element tube. Tis is held in place with a plastic sheath so you can carefully unwrap it and clean it up.
    Remember the two screws inside the side wardrobe that attach to the fridge frame and the one inside the water container cabinet ;), Oh and the large one that screws through the R&R bed frame that should have a block of wood to space the fridge box from the bed frame...
    Good luck
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  12. Right, I've sort of given up. (I'm easily defeated!)

    Checked all wiring. Spot on. 12v all the way up to the gas/crystal gubbins.

    Can't even work out how to remove the fridge!

    So think I'm gonna use it as a cool box, and buy a 12v fridge and hook it up to existing wiring.

    One thing that has caught my eye putting it back together is the thermostat control.

    There's a spare hole in the plate, and it lines up with what looks like a screw hole in the thermostat.

    Should there be a screw in there to earth/ground the thermostat?!

    Or is it me wishing for an easy fix?!


  13. The thermostat is a means of tripping the fridge on and off based on the temperature of the air in the control box. Hotter air is produced by higher numbers on the dial, which makes the fridge colder. For testing purposes you could just connect the two wires which run into the thermostat together.

    I hope you will keep going. I didn't have fridge in mine to start with, just an empty cabinet, but then I found one at Vanfest. It's been a must have item. Even though it uses more power than a modern fridge it's got to be the best use of space in a Berlin
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  14. I've linked to these God only knows how many time over the last 2 years, they must be no.1 on google now for everything!
    It's the only way for us that want OG interior and modern fridge! :);)

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