Taco plate temperature sender

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  1. Really pleased with this. The dip stick temp sender worked, but was messy in the engine bay.

    But, I have a problem. The sender needs to be earthed, usually by screwing it into postion I assume? But, the taco plate is aluminum I believe, so it's not earthing.

    I tested the sender before fitting, so I know it needs earth and works perfectly.

    So, I guess I need attach an earth wire to the sender...... somehow???

    Does that sound right to you? Or am I missing something? [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]

    1979 Super Viking, 2lt type 4, Automatic
  2. Aluminium is a pretty good conductor of electricity so shouldn't be a problem
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  3. Oh, excellent. Thanks. In that case, just occurred to me then, that I guess the rubber seal on the taco is insulating it completely. Suppose I could just run a ground from one of the screws then?

    1979 Super Viking, 2lt type 4, Automatic
  4. I would check with a multimeter as I would expect the securing bolts to provide an earth path. If there is no path from the plate to earth tap a blind hole M4 or similar and run an earth link to a convenient point
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  5. It should work as you have it Jim. The crankcase is aluminium (like your old V8) and should transmit that pesky electricery just fine. The aluminium tacho plate earths to the crankcase through the mounting screws, use copper washers, and the temperature sender earths through the tacho plate, but don’t use PTFE tape on the threads.
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  6. Oh yeah, of course, thanks Geoff, that makes sense. Will get the voltmeter out....

    1979 Super Viking, 2lt type 4, Automatic
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  7. Most likley ptfe is used causing prob, most big electric cables the 33kV ones are aluminium core so conducts pretty well..if you need ptfe on threads get a big copper crush washer under the sender to make contact with the plate...that's what I do using the drain plug adapter for our sender

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  8. Turned out to be my poor skills in connecting a spade connector to wire

    1979 Super Viking, 2lt type 4, Automatic
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