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  1. My fixed rate electricity deal with npower finishes next month so I'm have a look at available deals. I'm electricity only as there is no gas in our area. I'd be happy to stay with npower as I like my smart meter but their rates have gone up by about a third since I last fixed even if I select their cheapest available!

    I've looked on the comparison sites and the best deals seem to be with o bunch of Noddy companies that I've never heard of. Has anyone got any experience of companies such as Enstroga, Ram Energy, Electraphase, Affect Energy, Robin Hood Energy?

    They're a fair bit cheaper than the usual suspects but I suspect that customer service etc is probably non existent.
  2. They just act as brokers just like insurance and only deal with the billing side.

    The supply is a completely separate company (in my area it’s weston power) and so any problems with the supply you deal with them.
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    Do it! We change regularly to however is cheapest, it takes minutes, and the service is exactly the same whoever you are with. Our current provider has a website that looks like it was made by a 5 year old, but it is dead simple to use, and saves us about £200 a year iirc. :thumbsup:
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  4. The companies don't like to lose customers, so speak to your existing supplier telling them you are looking at switching, they may well offer you a deal you are happy with.

    Better than going to a new supplier you don't know. And look at switching stuff off at home when not being used, that would save the most money per annum.
  5. I’m switching my water to Oxfam, I’ve just seen an advert on the television where they say they can supply a family with water for £12 a year
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  6. You do have to walk to a well with a bucket on your head, though. That’s why it’s so cheap.
  7. Where do you think I live snotts Barnsley, next you’ll be saying I go for a yellow snow in the outside toilet :thumbsup:
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  8. I just switched from nPower to Bulb and saved about 1/3 on my dual fuel bill compared to the latest nPower fixed deal. It is a variable rate though. Switching was simple
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  9. Bloke in the industry told me it's only worth switching once.
    Move away from British gas to absolutely anyone & choose an electricity mob that are not local.

    My prices, which they selected when I moved, have not changed in a decade.
  10. They've got running water in Barnsley, but I don't think they've got the electric yet. Still gas lamps.
  11. With Bulb too. They have no exit fees, so you can leave any time if you don't like their prices.

    Oh, they also give you £50 credit if you get someone to switch to them (the switcher also gets £50 credit), I've already got £150 credit this year!

    If anyone wants to switch, PM me and I'll send you the link so we both get £50 :thumbsup::thumbsup:
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  12. But they do get plenty of sunshine
  13. We just looked into it as this 6 months bill was nearly £200 more than I expect. Electric only but the heating was on longer because of the cold April and May.
    Comparison Webbo site says you will save a few hundred quid.
    I can’t work out how when the standing charge is more. Day time electric more and the night rate was more. How would that save money.
    So the morral is check the rates out to see how they compare to your existing one.
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