Subaru, Turbo, Auto !

Discussion in 'Modified Shizzle' started by GONA66, Nov 16, 2019.

  1. I'm having ,(for the last 5 months ) thoughts of a Turbo Subaru engine with an Automatic gearbox , I've never seen one before but Fellows tell me it can be done but they don't do the Turbo option.
    Any body out there with any info , would be greatly appreciated.
  2. Auto is doable but I don't think it'll be great on a vw auto box.

    What's it going into?

    Is it already auto?

    Subaru gears are working on a Subaru auto box conversion, but it's only in the testing stages currently

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  3. Hi Matt, what i'm contemplating is a Subaru engine ,auto gearbox ( any modern box that will fit and the possibilities of the engine being a turbo !
    As you know I already have the braking abilities with the 944 vented disc's all round , i'm in no rush but i'm wanting to gain knowledge on wether it can be done ,the options available and assistance either partially or fully to carry out the project.
    The existing 2.0 engine and 5 rib box ,which are perfect, will be sold to assist in the funding.

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