Subaru fuel tank breather....

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  1. Well - this is a what not to do thread.

    When I converted my bus I attached the fuel tank breather to the spare port on the Subaru throttle body. Approx a 2mm internal port thinking this would clear any vapour into the engine.

    My fuel tank sender stopped working last trip out, so today I have pulled the bulkhead to investigate.

    Hmmm...... it turns out the vacuume created off that little port has crushed my fuel tank!!!!!!

    So if you are asking yourself where to put the breather...... that is not it!!
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  2. crushed the tank???? Pics needed :)
  3. We need pics
  4. wow!!!!
  5. Mine is venting to air at the moment, going to have a nosey at fellows ones tomorrow

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