Subaru Conversion question.

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  1. Serious question now.

    So, you have a Subaru conversion done with Fellows and you come to change the Logbook with the DVLA, what do you put regarding the engine number etc.
    Secondly, does the DVLA ask for an Engineers report from Fellows to support the conversion?

    Any issues guys?
  2. Moons

    Moons Moderator

    None for me!

    I sent them the new engine number and a copy of the Fellowes invoice. no issues, took 2 weeks ish.
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  3. thanks @Moons much appreciated!
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  4. Moons

    Moons Moderator

    No probs....I know the DVLA tightened up a bit engine on transplants....reading other classic car info it pays to get the engine number on any invoices, be they engine (or car!) purchase and a ref number for the log book if you are doing it yourself.

    It's six or seven digits on the right of the block, just in front of the flywheel bell housing if I remember correctly.
  5. that makes good sense!

    It does sound like Fellows know what is required regarding DVLA..thats another tick in the box :D
  6. bernjb56

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    This ^
  7. Hmm I'll send them a letter and an invoice from me.... o_O @pkrboo what's your plan?
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  8. Thanks Bern, much appreciated!

    I'm sure Ill have a few more questions later :D
  9. well i am converting from a 2 litre engine to a 2 litre engine so will just send them the new engine number and they should change it.
  10. That is a good point..... do they actually ask for more info than the engine number and capacity?
  11. bernjb56

    bernjb56 Administrator

    Cherished put my insurance up 50% though - I had just renewed and phoned to give them the engine change details. I think they were winging it a bit but worth bearing in mind.
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  12. That's something I'll do before committing, give RH Insurance a call to see where it stands with them. Thanks!
  13. I'm with 2gether and they are a phone call away from me cancelling in any case - blooming jobsworths! A 50% increase would result in a very kurt response and cancellation.
  14. All this Subaru chat surely warrants a section on the forum? Somehwere to pool the knowledge? It might help defuse some of the squabbling from the anti brigade too.
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  15. bernjb56

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    Most people I've spoken to have just paid an admin charge or a nominal fee. May be s response to more conversions being done.
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  16. seconded!
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  18. Nope.... like "Subaru powered busses"

    The modified shizzle section lets all the threads get scattered there's a lot to these fits and it would be helpful for people is all the knowledge was in one place. Incidentally I picked up some factory Subaru manuals today.... loaded with wiring diagrams for the legacy up to 99.
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  19. Dubs

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    I like this idea.. there are more and more folks having a go themselves these days, so it would make sense. :thumbsup:
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