Steering wheel removal tool

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Razzyh, Aug 15, 2019.

  1. Anyone got one that I can borrow?

    Yes I know there cheap but....
  2. Wear a bike helmet when you do it .
  3. I lent it to someone on here, anyone?
  4. Put the nut back on or you'll smack yourself in the nose, ask me how I know :(
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  5. And gum shield
  6. And I'm not sure putting your nuts on it is the best advice :eek:
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  7. If you use the tool you won’t need protection just whip it out ooops I mean off !
  8. It worked for Barry. Must be the heat?
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  9. Or the abrasive properties?
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  10. I have the C shaped thing that I used to pull mine off with - as you say it was cheap on eBay - I would lend you it but postage will be as much as I paid for it
  11. You need a tool to remove the steering wheel? Mine came off reasonably easily once I worked out how to remove the horn button to get at the big nut
  12. Does anyone have a link to what puller is best? Need to straighten mine up. :)
  13. Here's how I removed mine - the large C washer under it with a 2 leg puller - can't remember if I used 2 C washers or one


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