Standard 2.0L carbs

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  1. The ball joint / stud on the carburator linkage ( VW Heritage's description) has gone walkabout whilst travelling.
    It's on back order with Heritage and I haven't managed to find it on JK site.
    Is there anyone with better computer skills out there ( thats all of you ) who can track one from another supplier and post a link.
    Computer illiterate of Rotherham!
  2. One of these little ball joints on the ends ?

  3. Yes, the right hand side one with the spring an egg cup shaped bush.
    I've found missing bit, but it's badly worn and not much "spring" in the spring !
  4. Ive only got this bar and a couple of the little cup things, I dont have the bit that goes on the cars with the ball, @davidoft probably does
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  5. Have you tried Gower and Lee?
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  6. It may be the cup thing that I's part no: 022129957 on Heritage and C&C websites.
  7. Mmm if thats the bit Ive got a couple
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  8. One would be great.....I think there's just one on the right hand side.
    Pm me if you can spare one .
  9. Soon be back on the road thanks to @3901mick !
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