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Discussion in 'Mech Tech' started by Pete The Greek, Mar 10, 2019.

  1. Anyone had a stainless exhaust made for a type 4 2 litre engine? Mine's a stock USA triangular flanges exhaust atm. Where's best to get one and how much do they cost?
  2. All I’ve found off the shelf is an Empi quiet pack. I’d love something in stainless!
  3. ZZ


    I got a SS for Just Kampers and it is awesome and very well made.
    I got the one for the 1.6 but they had them for type 4 also.

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  4. Never thought I’d see that^. Does it fit?
  5. Amazingly, they do.
  6. I had to check the calendar, I thought it must be 1st April, Just Kampers, awesome, very well made, in one sentence.
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  7. Lol. I did have to take the first one back, as it had tooling holes in it :rolleyes:. Replaced it with a hole-free one, and it's been fine. Bit boomy, but otherwise ok.
  8. That’s^ more like JK.:thumbsup: I was worried for a minute.
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  9. Jk do have the best website tho so not all bad ;)
  10. ZZ


    It’s nice thick metal too!

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  11. Not seen the yank style in stainless, but standard type 4 stainless exhausts are made by JP, available from various suppliers. Brickwerks where the cheapest I have seen.

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