So I'm going to open up a gearbox ...

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  1. ... for the first time, and was wondering whether standing it on the bell housing for a day or two will mean no oil spill when the nose cone comes off.
    I know I could check the fill plug is fine and then drain it but this is for photos to help with a possible part ex on @nobody 's 5 rib.
    I also know it might not have the full amount of oil in there, which would obviously help, but there are no signs of leaks so I have to assume it's "full" to spec .......
  2. When I’ve stood them on end with the bellhousing facing down oil has leaked from the breather hole in the nose
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  3. so that implies the oil level when stood up like that is above the joint line?
    Mine hasn't done that ...
    How near to the joint line is the breather hole?
    (You can tell what a mechanical newbie I am!)
  4. Ask nobody :) but I thought he had sold it?
  5. That’s the breather hole
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  6. Might have ... probably got tired of waiting for photos!
    I could just give him this unopened spare to recon I guess? The long fourth gear was appealing, as you know ... Can probably include that in the rebuild but have to watch the pennies!
  7. Great .... That makes me think I can get this open without spilling a significant amount .... assuming a CE box is basically the same in that respect .... Off to the unit now! :hattip:
  8. Use the drain plug and tip it forwards. That’ll get most out. Some will drip when you take the bellhousing off.
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  9. Ta!
    I'm trying to get nose end photos of two spare boxes, with as little oil shifting as possible.
    I think this one will open up clean, standing as it is now, on the bell housing end, as there's nothing showing at the breather.
    The other one is stood on the nose end, with the bell housing off (and fixed to someone else's engine test rig).
    The open end of that one is not brimming with oil, so I think I'll be able to put the bell housing on, turn it over and repeat the process ......

    The oil change (that needs the front beam off :rolleyes:) is to see A: whether there's a clump of filings on the drain plug magnet, and B: to see whether the whining reduces.
    You have to remember that so far I only have one fanbelt change under my, erm, belt!
  10. You`re a braver man than me mon ami :D

    Bonn Chauncce :thumbsup:

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  11. Don’t forget to cover it with a sheet or blanket, as springs and ball bearings will fly everywhere as soon as you take the bellhousing off.

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