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Discussion in 'Mech Tech' started by Mark Darby, Jul 15, 2019.

  1. Just when you think you've got it all covered you find yet another job.
    The two middle windows on my bus are the sliding type with two panes of glass in each and one of them in each that slides horizontally. I believe they are original fitment. Although they've been refitted with new rubber seals to the body, I've noticed the seals in the metal window frames are disintegrating. Has anyone refurbished these and can you even buy the seals anymore?
  2. Mine is a polished aluminium frame with felt seals and could do with a stern `looking at` session , although it`ll be ok until winter :rolleyes:

    If and when i need some first stop would be seals direct :-

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  3. Mine are felt too I think. That's a useful link, thank you. I presume I'd have to take the windows out again to dismantle the frames?
  4. If they`re the same as mine ..... yes .....

    I found Seals direct very helpful and more than willing to have a chat on the `phone , unlike some places !!

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  5. Hopefully I can seal them temporarily as I want to get the bus on the road. Those windows were a bitch to fit in the rubber seals - can't face pulling them out again. Wish I'd look at them properly before I fitted them :mad:
  6. I've got an original sliding window with a silver frame. You can have it and refurb one at a time and fit the spare to keep the bus on the road. If your going to techenders I'll get it to @Baysearcher or @scrooge95 to bring up for you. All I ask is you make a donation to either @Merlin Cat friend charity or give Sarah some cash as she has a load of my spares and the proceeds are going in a charity box, any good??
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  7. Paul that would be fantastic - thank you. Very happy to donate to merlincat's charity. If somebody can bring it to TE that'd be perfect.
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  9. Baysearcher

    Baysearcher [secret moderator]

    Yep, not a problem!
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  10. Thanks all. Love this forum :)
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  11. Not a problem. See you at Larmer Tree on Friday
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  12. Looking forward to it, don't worry I won't bring the window. I need an excuse to come and meet Dylan anyway.
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  13. I’m picking him up on the 27th so anytime after that you would be most welcome. :)
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  14. @Mark Darby
    Did you have any luck sourcing seals for the OG sliding middle windows? I have a set and need to replace the rubber channel seals that sit inside the outer aluminium frame and the glass slides within. 20191021_091625.jpg 20191021_091505.jpg
  15. No, to be honest I haven't looked yet. Have you tried Woollies in Market Deeping? That'd be my first port of call. Please post if you have any success.
  16. I found the felt rubber seals on Code FWR148. Data sheet attached.

    Attached Files:

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  17. Has anyone had any luck sourcing the nylon glide channel that sits inside the moving part of the window frame? One of my windows is missing this, so wobbles about a bit.

    Pics pinched from thesamba.
    Nylon glide missing:
    1120936.jpg 1121033.jpg
  18. Well done that man. It's a job I'm dreading. Is it possible with the windows still in situ - some pillock put the windows back in without refurbing the seals :rolleyes:.
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