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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Poptop2, Aug 24, 2011.

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  2. for what its worth -

    there is no us and them between users and mods/admins. we step in when we have to. generally to edit posts where people swear or to stop full blown arguments happening on an 'open' thread.

    i was a user on tlb for 2 years before being a moderator and feel no different now to when i did before. i never viewed moderation in a bad way before and dont now. it is needed and always will be.

    tlb is a community and we ALL add to it ... i think a lot of users take for granted the fact that this great 'free' forum is here and is run from the goodness of peoples hearts - we are volunteers here to help and keep TLB ticking over (in all its online forms).

    i urge everyone to forget the us and them thoughts floating around and just accept the fact that sometimes lines are crossed which need to be tidied up. if you dont like it - set up your own chat forum and call yourself a moderator on that.
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    How about having Mods as voted for by the great unwashed, how long should you be a Mod anyway?

    There will always be a need for the Illuminati but those Mods that do the work could change annually and would make for some great election campaigns. This way each forum member gets the chance to add their personality to the role for a set period and if they do do a good job can be re elected the next term.

    This is not a slight on the great Mods we already have on here, I would vote you all back in (maybe ;) ) personally I try to stick to the rules and do not try to fan the flames too much but it may go some way to eliminate the us and them theorists. You could even have Mods responsible for certain elements; Smiley Mod, Sweary Mod etc.

    At the end of the day I joined this forum and have stayed with it because it has a great atmosphere and is full of knowledgeable fellow bus owners or at least potential bus owners. If you can't play by the rules or don't like being moderated when necessary then you can nick off.
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    Will there be a jaffa cull mod ?.

    The pink cull mod does a great job !. That cull as in deer cull ;)
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