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  1. ^ that's a beautiful bus
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  2. upload_2018-7-15_19-30-49.jpeg
    Lowered. New adjustable front beam, Empi shocks
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  3. upload_2018-7-15_19-32-4.jpeg
    Vintage Speed stainless steel tucked neatly at the back
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  4. upload_2018-7-15_19-34-5.jpeg
    CSP shifter. No more porridge stirring at the front!
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  5. Lovely bus
    Where did you get the steering wheel tie on cover?
  6. 72D991BD-94E6-4235-A017-1E54B9943616.jpeg
    Before I stripped it for paint!
  7. C3C7BC72-F1A4-412E-B7DB-36FC6F4F9147.jpeg
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  8. Thanks.
    I don’t know tbh. It was already on the bus when I bought it 4 yrs ago. Sorry
  9. Those steering wheel covers are available on amazon for about £8.
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  10. I ordered one off amazon and it turned out to be really poor quality.
  11. No drama
  12. My '79 Westy in use! P1030650.JPG
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  13. [​IMG] Heres mine for some reason my phone sends all my old photos to some cloud and then I can see them but can’t post them thanks apple

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  14. Very nice bus, never seen one on a W reg before.
  15. Thanks! It was brought over in 1982 by the original owner who I bought it off and given a W reg at the time.
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  16. Thankyou, that was taken at Porth beach just north of Newquay.
  17. [​IMG]2018. Waiting to get the Dub back after a replacement engine fitted from theVW Engine Company, engine compartment rebuilt, automatic gearbox reconditioned, ..long term project, but worth it.
  18. FB_IMG_1535290041012.jpg
  19. Hi......nice westy! Who did the recon on your autobox as I have one and may need it done soon?

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