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  1. Do they turn down his sheets as well?
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  2. Those have got to be aftermarket slats on that ... or do they just not make them like they used to?
  3. No, just his advances.

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  4. IMG_20190502_094325206.jpg
    Call that weeding?!
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  6. Not our garden I have to say, but it did fall to me to whip it into shape when a friend's tenant left, after nearly three years of neglect ..... I can't recommend having to remove bind weed from a friend's bush :rolleyes:
  7. :eek: was it a well trimmed boosh?
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  8. Noooooooo!
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  9. Bed ridden with a chest infection

  10. Hey. No tongues.
  11. Made by my own fair hand (replacements no 3) from a bit of MDF I had in the shed.

    The originals were hand-crafted by B&D from selected cuts of oak. Or was it plywood?
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  12. KNEW it! ... Hawkeye strikes again. Not Trigger's broom yet then?
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  13. Should have shaved them [​IMG]

  14. 3345FBEF-8698-4FC4-A407-F864304220F6.jpeg

    Sunday morning building.
  15. Sunny Sunday car boot sale with a lovely polystyrene cup of tea
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  16. WP_20190512_09_32_43_Pro.jpg Yesterday's efforts, about to get back on it, loverly day.
  17. Mucho bargainous t-shirts! Have a good one. Hope you’ve got your factor 50 on. Think you’ll need it today. In the meantime I’ve got a date with a recalcitrant leylandii :mad:
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