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  1. I’ve decided to treat the underside of my crewcab over the summer and I know a few of you guys have used Rustoleum.

    Being an ex South Africa vehicle, my crewie doesn’t look like it has ever had any underbody coating at all so I want to give it some protection.

    Do you think I should I paint it with their Combi Primer first or go straight in with the Combi Colour ?

    I’m going to have to do this the hard way on my back with brushes if it makes a difference.

    Thanks in anticipation for your thoughts.

  2. Degrease, straight on with the Combicolor.
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  3. Avenue Coatings do Rustoleum Combi Colour In aerosol cans now to all of the RAL colours

    If that’s any help to you!
  4. Thanks Snotty

    Thanks for the info but sadly it’s a South Africa colour with no RAL number. I think Mercedes Weizengelb is quite close so may be worth a punt.

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  5. I’m just costing the underside of my 14 with Raptor bed liner and a Schultz gun you can find most colours . The problem I find with rustoleum is it takes months to dry properly
  6. Baysearcher

    Baysearcher [secret moderator]

    You’re doing 14???
    That’s going to take yonks!
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  7. I took a punt on the colour of mine but its not quite right and will probably bug me for ever. They can match to a samply if you have something you can remove?

    Lovemyvw gets you 5% off with South avenue coatings.
  8. I did consider Raptor but as I’m doing this job on the drive I am limited to brushing as I stand some chance of not getting it everywhere.

    I know you can brush Raptor but I thought the finish wasn’t very good.

    Thanks for the heads up on drying time but the idea is to do it now while the ambient temp is warm so it’s ready for winter.

  9. Top tip that - thank you

  10. How many litres of paint would you estimate for the underside of a late bay ?

  11. When I was getting quotes for my bus, the Vw guy near me brushed the raptor on, and he said it kinds “settles” and finds its level, so looked good, well what I could see of it on axle stands lol. But the wheel arches looked good and being trucked liner stuff and hard as nails, he’s now doing it on all vans that come through his body shop ;)

    Maybe get a sample and try in an inconspicuous area?

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  12. It doesn’t brush on great ...they say roller ,which would be a bit pointless on a bay but Schultz under seal spray gun works fantastic ..
  13. I've used the aerosols and the paint - if I we're doing the underside I'd paint it.

    Painting it on gives far better depth of coverage quickly, and from memory, the aerosols are £15 a pop
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  14. @crossy2112 got thrown out of B&Q for touching the aerosols:rolleyes:
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  15. Underside of the van, always wear eye protection mask, scrape off surface rust, brush on Rustoleum Combicolor straight from the tin, no primer needed, gives nice thick coat, did mine a while back, still good. Do all of it including wheel arches, I also did engine bay, tin ware, heat exchangers, same paint, looks great, wipe dirt or oil off easily.
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  16. Where’s best place to get Rust-Oleum?

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  17. I got mine from Brewers , not the cheapest but i did the whole bare metal cargo area with two coats for the cost of a
    litre - about 20 quid ...

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  18. That’s fairly economical cost wise

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  19. Avenue Coatings in Slough. They'll mix VW colours.
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  20. I used Johnstone's steel & cladding under my bus you can get it in all the ral colours.
    Also if you go into store Johnstone's decorator centres they will colour match for you.
    I use this stuff every day at work on exterior metal.
    Its that good the rep says they use it on the north sea oil rigs.

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