RIP Gordon Banks

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  1. Best keeper England ever had :(
  2. You type faster than me young 'un!
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  3. R.I.P. Gordon :(
  4. From Sheffield tha knows.
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  5. Oh no R.I.P , what a legend :(
  6. RIP

    I don’t follow football but I remember vividly “that save” in the Brazil match. Legend indeed, in a team of legends.
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  7. Oh no what a legend, second best English goalkeeper ever
    RIP Gordon
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  8. RIP one of the World's best keepers
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  9. Yorkshire lad as well...
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  10. Aw mooch
  11. GORDENs not ALIVE
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  12. That’s a bit flash :lol:
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  13. Didn't like to mention Harry Hough Bazza :thumbsup:
  14. Harry who??
  15. I know your old enough to remember Harry Bazza :rolleyes:
  16. Harry Worth?
  17. Would have been worth millions in today's money Snotts :thumbsup:
  18. Great goally, World Cup hero RIP Gordon :(
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  19. From near Sheffield. ...Rotherham I believe.

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