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  1. VW T2 Front Beam complete. From a 1974 VW T2 Baywindow Campervan

    Excellent condition. very solid comes off a bus imported from Australia.

    This came off my bus and only selling due to going to red9 beam.

    Front Beam, without spindles

    Suspension, drag link, etc all included, everything you see in the pictures are included (except the spindles). This is a simply a bolt on add spindles, job done beam.

    Steering damper was only replaced a few years ago. Beam has the bracket for the brake servo and its also had ball joints replaced at some point whilst i've own it. Though after removing the spindles 1 does need to be replaced as the boot is split.

    This is £400 cash on COLLECTION only. The beam is in Hemel Hempstead.

    p1.jpg p2.jpg p3.jpg p4.jpg p5.jpg p6.jpg p7.jpg p8.jpg
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  2. Looking forward to giving it a go.
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  3. So you getting the full set up?? Very expensive... very jealous
  4. Can you get anything but the full setup???


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  5. Not sure to be honest... had a look on their site... saw the price.. closed the page.. my mrs is still giving me a hard time cos I'm having the heart ripped out of me bus
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  6. Very nice by the way:):thumbsup:
  7. Yes quite expensive. I’ve been doing bits to try and make it easier so the Mrs can drive it a bit more
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  8. Excellent excuse.... I will file that one away! ;)
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  9. I did try and use that excuse for the reason to get a scooby lump.... but she saw straight through that !!
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  10. That's exceptionally noble of you Raymondo old chap!
    Let her take some of the strain eh...:D
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  11. @TheDeeJay this is the beam. i think @Gingerjayvw53 is after the dropped spindles so they could be removed and you put your standard spindles on.
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  12. Yeah please for the dropped spindles

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  13. Hi, did you sell the dropped spindles?


  14. Yes spindles are sold, everything else available
  15. original thread updated.... i think

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