FOR SALE RHD 1976 8-seater !!

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  1. For sale in the heart of Europe is this honest and nice 1976 australian built late bay.

    This car has been bought many years ago in AUS, by my friend, big VW enthusiast, who then relocated with his cars back to the Czech Republic. His collection of 30 cars is too big and he decided to let this one go. During its stay in AUS the car was supervised by Stephen Muller at VolsCulture.

    Don´t let this scare you off as you can fly to Prague, we will pick you up at the airport, show you the bus and we trust that you can make a trip to UK easily. To be absolutely sure, my friend is willing to have some presales service done. (it´s a fun trip we did this two years ago the other way round when we bought an prototype in UK and made it home to CZ in 1 day)

    This bay is an 8 seater with nice factory interior, 2.0 engine with correct transmission. The paint is 15 years old, showing its age a bit, but no corossion. The car is still on AUS papers, import duties for EU are paid.

    For somebody who want RHD, this is the proper car!


    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
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    We need contact details please.
    If it was looked after by Steve Mueller then it was in good hands. Not much about VW's Steve doesn't know.
  3. Hello, I´m able to answer all basic questions through private messaging as I have a good knowledge of the car. I have a wedding going on in next few days over weekend so for details and general info get in touch with me and be patient. I´ll have more pics of the car on Sat/Sun and will publish them here.

    If you are truly interested in seeing and buing, get in touch with owner directly:


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