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  1. what’s the best way to get remove a oil filter? I can’t for the life of me undo it by hand ? I thought they were fitted hand tight only?
  2. Pierce with a screw driver then turn or use a oil filter wrench
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  3. I’ll try a screwdriver then as I haven’t got the wrench. Cheers
  4. Strap or chain wrench. Halfords will sell you one. Even done up hand tight, they be hard to remove.
  5. That will be messy...
  6. Large pair of pipe grips. Good for all canister filters.
  7. Draper strap jobbeee is what I use, was about £6 delivered.
  8. I've got a donk ;)

    PS, +1 screw driver thru the can
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  9. The problem with poking a screwdriver through and wrenching it is in extreme cases the body of the filter can shear off leaving the threaded base still firmly attached. This happened to me years ago with my first car and getting the remnants off was hard enough with good access, on a type 4 it would be nigh on impossible without removing the engine. Get a strap or chain type filter wrench:thumbsup:
  10. Maybe thats why I have sold around 10 oil filter housings for a type 4 !
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  11. Strap then, or get a large friend to help.
  12. NO! - don't use the puncture with a screw driver method - if you try it and it is still too hard to turn - you are knackered cos you have a massive oil leak so can't start the engine to move it.
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  13. What I have learned this evening,



    All sorted now but a very good lesson learned!! I log back on and nearly every post says don’t use the screwdriver method, couldn’t agree more
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  14. Never failed me yet
  15. We live and learn. What normally happens if the filter is stiff is that it creases up like an old tin can, and oil p*sses everywhere...
  16. This is what you use a multi self gripping spider on a ratchet handle.. half inch or a three eights adapter...


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  18. I just buy the filters with the hexagon formed in the base and use a normal socket
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  19. One or two moons ago......
    I got my very first car, I swapped my Raleigh Chopper for a (mini 1965 I think) that hadn't ran for a few years and cats had been sleeping in the back.
    My dad said I should change the oil so he went off the auto factors for the stuff I needed whilst he had gone I decided to drain the oil and remove the filter.
    When he returned he handed me flushing oil.
    Oh I said but I've taken the filter off that's ok he said just screw it back on. I didn't mention about the screwdriver! Hole so I chucked a plastic bag over it with an elastic band.........
    Well you can imagine the mess!

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  20. At a push, wrap a piece of cloth around the filter and twist the ends together as tight as you can. Then wrap the loose ends around the filter to give yourself some extra grip and leverage

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