Remember my engine issues?

Discussion in 'Mech Tech' started by Lord Charles, Aug 10, 2011.

  1. Lord Charles

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    Before the great crash of 2011 I was posting about some issues with my engine, backfiring and popping on deceleration as well as poor tickover and a slight oil leak. Well it got a lot worse on the way back from Whitenoise with a load of smoke coming out of the right hand side on acceleration and a much worse loss of oil.

    Well thanks to some help from you guys I was able to determine that it was as you suggested a leak in the vacuum from the carb to the brake servo. Now this was a real pig to find as the rubber had spilt behind the canvas cover so now that it is replaced it runs like a top.
    The leak was coming from the dipstick tube and I have sourced a silicone high temp replacement for the small rubber tube that was there so that should be me all cured.

    I know Zed replied to my original tale of woe as well as somebody else so if you let me know who you were I will send some Karma your way.
  2. Good news 8)

    'before the great crash', can we shorted in to BC for before crash and AD for Activation Day...Hang on, that's been used before somewhere, does this mean this site is holy? Worshipped by many, checked religiously, it recently died for our sinful posts and is now reserected, the similarities are worrying...
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    I think you are on to something there MF

    Isn't there something about and ye shall know all there is to know before the end in Revelations somewhere?

    There should be a reward somewhere for aircooled thickos like me
  4. glad you got it fixed buddy, well done :D
  5. Nice - where was the leak - above the rear axle?
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    Excellent stuff.
  7. Lord Charles

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