Recommendations for bus security?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by pHiL, Aug 19, 2011.

  1. I have just got my 1974 pop-top camper, and due to not living in the best area of town, am keen to put at least some basic security measures in place asap.

    She currently has no interior apart from two front seats, and but does run, and so could be taken by some unwelcome visitors.

    Long term I’m thinking about alarms and immobilisers, however I think I’ll probably wait until I’m installing my interior, as I’m thinking I would probably want motion sensors etc, and doing that before the interior install doesn’t seem to make sense.

    I’m therefore thinking about buying something like a steering wheel lock as a shortmedium term solution. So I was just wondering if anyone had much experience with them. Goodbadrecommended? I seem to remember years ago seeing on TV something about a lot being no good and a robber being able to remove them in 5 secs flat, but not sure that’s still the case.

    Or if anyone had any other suggestions on what I should look at?

  2. Baysearcher

    Baysearcher [secret moderator]

    A Stop-Lock pro (Halfrauds) will work as a deterrant for chancers. Anyone determined will just cut the steering wheel.
    Get a lock for your engine lid.
    Wheel clamps? OK but dont stop it being lifted onto a flat bed.
    You can spend as little or as much as you want on security. If someone wants it, they WILL take it.
    Good insurance cover sorts that.
  3. Terrordales

    Terrordales Nightshift Mod

    If a serious thief wants the vehicle they WILL get it.
    Clamps, etc will stop or slow down the opportunistic ones.
    One thing I was told was not to advertise (window stickers & so on) what sort of alarm you have on a vehicle as most half decent thieves will know how to disable it before taking the vehicle.
  5. Good neighbours. Never underestimate the benefits of good relations with all your neighbours. Ive given all my neighbours my mobile. Not just for the bus but in general. In turn i have theirs too.
  7. Birdy

    Birdy Not Child Friendly

    Steering wheel locks are good but I've never found one that fits securly on the wheel so I use it as a pedal lock. Prevents the clutch and gas pedal being depressed to prevent to opportunist.

    And as mentioned engine lid lock. I can't stress enough the importance of one of these.

  8. I agree, if someone wants it, then its going. But hopefully I can put off the oppurtunist.

    Has any one tried the StopLock Pro from halfords? Does it fit the standard Bay steering wheel ok?

    Is it a fairly easy swop to change the boot catch, for a lockable one? Currently I'm not a home so can't take a look at how my current one is fitted.

    Otherwise as Stan says, hooking it up to the mains might work :)
  9. I take my steering wheel off when I leave my bus outside . It takes 30 seconds and it's free
  10. Baysearcher

    Baysearcher [secret moderator]

    StopLock Pro fits but is loose on the thickness of the wheel (i.e. its made for a much thicker steering wheel)
    I use one. Its only a deterrant anyway so the fact its not that tight doesnt matter.
  11. I leave my collie mazie in the car I dare anybody to get close to the van ;) she does not jump around just sits on the passenger seat growling :eek: even when we fill up with petrol. at night its locked away in the garage and we have one of those bollards that come up so it cant be rammed and the van cannot be taken out. we also a a wheel clamp thats pretty good too
  13. I feel I should mention that if a thief encounters a steering wheel lock, he/she can simply saw through the wheel with a hacksaw in about ten seconds. Bend the wheel a bit, lock slides off.
    I have seen some types of steering wheel locks that won't fall for that though. Be sure to know the difference when purchasing.
    Personally, I would like somebody to invent a seat taser that activates if you don't enter a code right away. Just before the thief can get it in gear- *ZOT* :eek: 50,000 volts, right in the fudge pucker.
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  15. Get Cobra Cat 1 alarm & immobilizer provisionally fitted.
    Its the only way. ;)
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  19. A dog is the best device you can get for security!! dont know what your home set up is but even a yappy little jack russel will scare em off......

    If you have room park your van in your garden and have a couple of big dogs roaming free.. Doesnt matter if they are aggresive dogs or not your common t leef will go somewhere else!! ;D

    Ive had threats about my van before and I just let my dogs have free roam until the problem goes away!! Funny it does quite quickly!! Dogs, mans best freind cheep to keep and will protect anything you have without you ever having to ask!!! ;D ;D

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