Rear Tent

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  1. Yer as barking as me as I thought the same
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  2. they are being manufactured....but can't remember by whom.....I admit I am shamelessly stealing the idea of a "tailgate table" though....
  3. saw one on ebay couple of days back when i was trawling
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  4. Link? :)
  5. avnt gota clue chris i was just trawling through loads of stuff coz i was bored sorry bud
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  7. Very :thumbsup:
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  8. Woodylubber

    Woodylubber Obsessive compulsive name changer

    Have you been smoking Dave o_O
  9. betty might be buying me one :oops:

  10. Yes of course :rolleyes:
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  11. I'm in bishops Stortford.....I wonder where he is? It looks cool as, but does seem a bit pricey....

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