Rear brake compensating valve leaking

Discussion in 'Mech Tech' started by Skyelectrix, Jul 11, 2019.

  1. Thank you

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  2. Life saver! I was thinking of that but panicked when I went on the samba and heard horror stories of impending doom of brake fluid eating gaskets and certain death!!!
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  3. One of the folk on here dismantled and cleaned theirs, with pics. Worth a search. They are strippable.

    Could make your own gasket with some gasket paper, or use sealer.
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  4. I made a new o ring unfortunately I could not find a new seal so just cleaned it all up and put it back together and it’s been fine since

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  5. Is the gasket cork or paper?
  6. Ah, but if you disconnect it and take it off the bus, it can bolt back on 2 ways. Front and back look the same.
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  7. Like Kim Kardashian?
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  8. Very thin Paper
  9. You know you have it the wrong way when the rear brakes lock on.
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  10. The bolt heads face forwards, the brake line from the master cylinder connects to the rear port on the valve and the front port connects to the brakes.
    Brake compensator valve.jpg
  11. Nope, the bolt heads go at the front end, as per the picture.
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  12. Another vote for rebuilding. I stripped mine, cleared out the forty year old gunk and put back together with the old rubber o ring but a new home made paper gasket, with a light coat of sealant.

    I flatted down the two mating surfaces with wet and dry on a kitchen work top just to help it seal.
  13. exactly what i did
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  14. Thanks everyone for the massive help! Brilliant as always.

    Guess what I’ll be doing this weekend while you’re all away in your vans sunning yourselves!!
  15. Telling @davidoft to stop looking ?
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  16. davidoft

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    Ps brake compensator won’t make one brake stick as it’s single line to the rear
  17. Nooo....
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  18. keep looking please purveyor of the hard to find! I’m not out of the woods yet! I’m pretty sure I’ve got more than 1 problem with the brakes and I haven’t stripped the other side yet. All will become clear tomorrow...I hope...
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  19. Don't worry, he wont have started looking yet :)
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    It’s mostly thinking time ;)

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