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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by CollyP, Apr 24, 2015.

  1. Night night everybodypeeps
  2. Nighty night cheesy Colin

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  3. I've won £38m on the lottery!!!!!!
  4. some of the above may not be true.

    I am hoping it is true and that i have bought a time machine with my millions and gone back to 3 minutes ago and wrote that. what are the chances?
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  5. Slim to none I expect

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  6. one less on the CollyP benevolence list
  7. I'm touched to have even been on the list to start with

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  8. The list applies to all my rat friends.
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  9. I never realised how much you cared!

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  10. Come on Sutton!!!!
  11. Is that a football thing my dad's watching?

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  12. I am in no position to confirm or deny the televisual activities of your (and any other TLBers) father. soz
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  13. Fair enough I guess, it sounds like he's stopped now anyway

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  14. Sutton giving a pretty good account of themselves
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  15. great game - the dream dies :-(
  16. Come on The Imps then :thumbsup:
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  17. They did play really well, and got close a number of times...
    So it's down to Lincoln to fly the flag for non-league. :thumbsup:
  18. Who started this thread?
    It's full of complete bollards.

    Anyhoo, due to work strangeness I find myself with 6 weeks off. Last week I did big fat bugger all (go me). I am now in croyde for a couple of weeks before having to go and get the orrible kids, before coming back here for another couple of weeks before going to Austria with the boy child thing.

    Fun times!!!! :thumbsup:
  19. Do you still have a job?

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  20. Yes thanks. It's all a bit weird but I am being paid to be here and then go back "proper" mid April.

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