Random question, what does a Ford Thames 400E weigh

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  1. Anyone know the kerb weight of a Thames 400E van ?? 15cwt I cant find it, I presume the 15cwt is the payload ?
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  2. The Ford is much heavier than the Fod on account of the additional r :rolleyes:
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  3. changed, ta
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  4. No no leave it! :thumbsup:
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  5. I was going to guess at about a tonne so it sounds correct, a van is a lot of empty space unlike a car which has seats, trim and equipment etc.
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    I thought they were called 15 hundred weight vans for that reason.

    Maybe that was laden?
  7. 15 hundred weight / 750 kg laden?
    That's a teeny tiny van.
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    I'm sure they used to say 15 cwt van when they talked about them?
  9. Surely that's the payload not the weight.
    The difference between the weight and gross weight on the specification chart is about 17cwt.....hence 15cwt van....yes I know it should be a 17cwt van if we're going to be pedantic!
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    You're probably right. 3/4 ton payload is about right.

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