Pop up roof guide?

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  1. Hi Wispy, this is the Devon brochure showing details of the Moonraker double top. I would be reluctant to swap mine for anything else, and although I do like the Viking and the Westie, the Devon benefits with having a fridge, grill, water tank and (I think) more storage. I only wish it had the swivel passenger seat like the Westy. The Viking four sleeper upstairs is something else though!

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  2. We have a Viking and its great for the two of us with loads of room up top etc. We dont use the hammocks but I'd second that they wouldnt be ideal for such a tall chap as yourself although for smaller adults I am sure they would be fine. Anyway good luck!
  3. We have a Sportsmobile which has a roof space similar to a Riveria. It raises like a Westy at the front but also raises at the back giving the same height inside front to back. I don't think it comes up quite as high as a West up the front but gives plenty of room.

    However, they appear to be as rare as hens teeth (as I'm finding) so you've got Bob Hope chance of finding one :p but there are Riviera's.
  4. Interesting. I'm after a Westie too. I assumed only children or workers for Willy Wonka could do that. 7'6 eh?
  5. I have a devon double top, loads of room and still has floor space for car chases and stunt shows

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