Off in the van this weekend.

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  1. Yehaa got a trip to monkey world planned for this weekend. Gonna camp at longthornefarm which I believe is very close.

    Can't wait. Gonna enjoy a steady cruise down there tomorrow.
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    Have a brilliant time. You might even meet Lee Evans!
  3. is he a regular then?
  4. What a great place monkey world is. Had a bit of trouble getting there though. Nearly had to get the AA to bring us home. Got to Newbury and the oil light came on. Oil was streaming out of the pressure switch. Took me 3 litre of oil to limp into Newbury town centre and walk around 3 motor factors in search of a replacement. Last and final call before the aa was ridgeway vw who had one. Limped over there fitted it, topped the oil up and cruised the rest of the way. The journey home was much pleasurable
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    glad you enjoyed/got back ok
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    please lets see some pics as we want to go there:)
  7. I'll stick some up tomoz. If you wanna camp then longthornefarm is pretty good. Got all the facilities and loads of animals for the kids including alpacas. Plus it's next door to MW so you can walk.

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