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Discussion in 'Scotland' started by redoxide, Oct 1, 2018.

  1. Quite possibly the last trip this year, safe to say we used the van a lot less this year than last.. really dont know where the time went to be honest ..last time I blinked it was early summer, now its bloody October ...

    Heading off next week for a few days up the North east coast to a spot we visited previously at Findochty near Cullen on the Moray coast.. see how it pans out, weather is supposed to be pretty good ..
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    Have a good un!
  3. will post pics of the trip
  4. Your keeping it now then?

    Have a good one :thumbsup:
  5. up and down .. when i pull the cover off I love it.. but strangely have no burning desire to drive it lol..
  6. Forgot abut this, Didn't get away, mother in law had a stroke so trip was cancelled, mind you, I could have went on my own but thought that would be a bit tricky... We did have a consultation, we spent the night in the van in the drive.. got to say the facilities were very familiar :)
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