Newbie from Norfolk

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  1. Seriously I’m the only normal one on here, sunny Barnsley I ask ya , and who ever heard of a Scotsman living in Australia, with their skin type they would burn up in 5 minuets, he actually lives in a council flat in Milton Keynes :thumbsup:
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  2. Welcome from Tufty.
  3. Welcome from a damp Sh’e boo (Shepherds Bush)
    Lovely looking bus
  4. Welcome from sunny Notts, nice looking bus fella :D
  5. Hello and welcome from proper Yorkshire. West Yorkshire!
    Do you know gus honeybun? If not, best do some revision as there will be a test

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  6. Great bus . Good idea to buy solid and use as much as possible from the start. Welcome from Newcastle :beer:
  7. A warm welcome from sunny Surrey

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  8. Thanks for the welcomes all :)
    I have started on the improvements, beginning with metal corrosion protection...
    Will post on a separate thread
    Glad to be on board
  9. Splutters!!!!!
  10. jivedubbin

    jivedubbin Moderator

    Welcome from really sunny Chester

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