My Aussie bug.....Jessie

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  1. My Aussie CKD bug. 1967. 1 owner in Australia before she was imported. And other than the importer, 1 previous UK owner before me.

    Arrived looking a bit sorry for herself around 10 years ago


  2. How she looked when i bought her 3/4 years ago, before I started making mine


  3. How shes looks now. Ive completely redone the interior and recently had a full engine rebuild taking her from a 1641 to 1776




  4. Dubs

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  5. Yep looks great :thumbsup:..can't wait till my 67 is finshed. miss my last bug ..
  6. Love it.

  7. Awesome ride fella :thumbsup:
  8. 20181111_162024.jpg Cheers guys. Engine is a work in progress.

    Bought a new set of weber 40s for it as the old ones didn't cut the mustard

    Got the first 100 miles on it. Just removed the fuel tank to flush it, replace tank outlet to fuel pump and tidy it up

    Polished the top original paint and rubbed back and wired brushed etc the underneath. Few coats of hammerite to do on the bottom

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  9. Fuel tank now flushed and new fuel filter and tube fitted. Plus a good coat of hammerite to protect it. Left the top in original paint

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  10. Love it, got to get me one
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  11. Nice bug. Do you find it noisey without any firewall covering? I'm in two minds whether to replace mine or leave it off when my upgraded engine goes back in my bug.
  12. It's a 1776 with twin 40s and full stainless exhaust with j tubes never going to be quiet. Got sound proofing inside bug.
  13. I've got silentcoat soundproofing inside ,running a vintage speed super flow with 36s. Think I will do without and see.
  14. Cheers monkey. Which EB are you referring to. The white 70 westy? I've had a few over the years!!!

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