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  1. Looks like i'll have to remove the radio again to get to the headlight switch to see if the wire from terminal 58b for the dash illumination isn't loose or pulled off.
    It'll also give me the chance to check if i wired the LED inside the right way round.
    The wiper linkage just hits the top of the radio too and needs about 5mm more clearance. Fitting the missing support strap to the rear of the radio will hopefully solve that too.
  2. Finally got the taillights and number plate working. :)
    2019-10-11 14.06.43.jpg

    The fog light pops the fuse though and i can't figure out why. I get continuity through the cable but when the ends are connected to the relay and bulbholder the fuse pops. Tried with a long test lead and it works fine so it must be the wire but i have no idea why. I know its 2 wires connected together as i didn't have one long enough but i can't remember where the join is or how accessible it is. :(
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  3. Got all ready to pull a new wire through from the rear fog light to the dashboard and when i tried to pull it through the bumper mount rubber grommet it wouldn't move.
    Turns out when i fitted the rear valance and tightened the lower wing mounting bolts i trapped the wire, flattening it and stripping the coating off it so it was grounded out on the inner wing.
    I replaced the last 20cm of the wire and it now works as it should and i didn't have to faff about trying to get the wire behind the engine bay firewall. :)

    Ran another wire bewteen the oil pressure sender and the gauge and it seems to work. It was pretty easy getting the wire through from the engine bay into the area under the back seat then along under the heater channel carpet next to the main loom too. :thumbsup:

    I fitted an uprated headlight loom when i was making the loom, which has shown up an anomoly with the lights. Instead of just the sidelights and taillights working with the ignition off, now the main and dip, plus the spotlights and fog light can all be used with the ignition off. Not quite sure why as they're wired the same way as my bay was and only the sidelights and taillights worked on that. :confused:
  4. Got the brake light switch replaced this afternoon and now have working brake lights. :)

    Managed to get the dashboard lights working. Who knew you couldn't daisychain VDO lights together. Linked the +ve teminals and -ve terminals on the bulbs together and all of a sudden they all light up.
    Its a bit more organised under there now and i just need the fog light switch to arrive and i can get the radio and everything else under the bonnet buttoned up.:thumbsup:
    2019-10-14 15.15.27.jpg
  5. Managed to break a wire off the back of the micro switch i had fitted to the wiper switch so it had to come out again as there wasn't enough room to get to it with it installed. :mad:

    Still haven't managed to get the front engine tinware to play ball either as it looks a bit twisted so the seal over the bellhousing won't pull over the top of it as its leaning backwards. I've tried pushing it towards the bulkhead while lifting the seal slightly but it didn't work. I undid the bolt in the corner of the cylinder head shroud and it made it worse. :(
    2019-10-15 16.08.49.jpg
    Jacked the car up and had a look from underneath and theres not enough space for me to get my hands between the heat exchanger and gearbox so it looks like that will have to come off again so i can bend the tinware into place. :(
    Everything i've touched in the past couple of days has created another job or set me back. Loosing the will to finish it now.
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  6. Keep at it :thumbsup:
  7. We all have testing times like this zeb
    I’ve had my fair share of the reverse Midas touch recently
    Take a break from it mate and come back to it if it’s getting you down.

    Chin up pal just think back how much you have accomplished so far
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  8. Two steps forwards, one backwards, least you have the good sense to build a stock Bug.
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  9. Inlaws are away again for the weekend and we're dog sitting again so not gonna get a chance to do anything for the next few days anyway.
    At least i've now managed to fix the wiper switch and get it back in the dash. Got a couple of days to wait until the fog light switch arrives so theres nowt more i can do on the dash for now.

    Feels like the other way round sometimes. :(
    I ran it with the front slammed for a few years while at uni and got fed up with the bad ride the adjustable beam gave so raised it back up to near stock height.
    Stock with the front an inch or so lower and some alloys will do me.
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  10. New Durite red illuminated fog light switch arrived to replace the broken 20+ year old one, plus some 286 bulbs for the VDO gauges and some new acorn nuts for the sump plate to replace the ones that have stripped threads inside so won't tighten up fully.
    Just need to get back home again so i can get the little bits under the bonnet buttoned up now.
  11. Got another pointless accessory.
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  12. Tried out the parking light today. Its pretty bright in a dark garage.
    2019-10-23 13.34.06.jpg
    2019-10-23 13.34.14.jpg
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  13. Got all the dash lights working and the radio and airbox put back into their rightful places. :)
    Shame none of the bulbs seem the same colour or brightness. :rolleyes:


    The light in the speedo for the HRW has being a bit of a head scratcher today. With everything connected up the warning lamp is really dim. Removing the wire off terminal 86 on the relay and shorting it to ground puts the light on bright. The wires are all new, as is the relay and all wiring terminals. The earths are all good too.
    I assume its possibly a faulty relay but checking with a test meter at either terminal 86 or 85 in the relay gives the same voltage of 12.7v. :confused:
    I can't find a spare relay to check it with at the moment but as its easily accessible under the back seat and isn't an MOT fail i'll leave it for now.
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  14. A friend on facebook posted up a link to "The Book of Dreams" (The Argos cataglogue) and its got past catalogues. Some good stuff in the 1975/76 one. :lol:
    I've already got the Humphreys temporary windscreen and krooklok but i'd love one of those gold Pifco warning lanterns. :)
    Screenshot_2019-10-24 The Book of Dreams 1975 76.png

    Screenshot_2019-10-24 The Book of Dreams 1975 76(1).png

    Check out the radios. :cool:
    Screenshot_2019-10-24 The Book of Dreams 1975 76(2).png
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  15. My van came with left hand Motorola. All safely packed up now.
  16. Nice. :)

    I'm on a proper retro trip at the moment. Been collecting 70's accessories and stuff for years. :D
  17. I have one of those blue Selmo chargers somewhere!
  18. There’s one of those chargers in my mothers garage . I’ve fitted a couple of those Smiths heated rear window kits before. You can still get the same trolly jacks, only £25 now.
  19. Suppose trolley jack design doesn't change much anyway. Looks the same as my Halfrauds one.
  20. Car cover for a beetle. :thinking:
    Screenshot_2019-10-25 The Book of Dreams 1990 91.png
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