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    I love any bike racing, I remember Norton Vs Suzuki back in the day, the overtaking was brilliant, in my view a lot more exciting than F1
    I notice they are leg dangling as well as knee sliding, I wonder what thats all about?
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  2. It’s just a shame it’s not on tv this year
  3. bt sport ..

    its mainly what we have a tv for...:p
  4. Are the highlights still being shown on Channel 5 ?

    Sadly I don’t get BT Sport :(

  5. I’d like too do a track day on a 600.
  6. Ron Haslam at donnington..:thumbsup:
  7. some of the 2019 test is on youtube..
  8. Not a true track day but I’ve done the Ron Haslam Race School at Donington on a Honda CBR600.

    It was an amazing day. You are positively encouraged to thrash the living daylights out of the bikes, riding in a lower gear than you would normally. The speedo and bottom 3/4 of the tacho are taped off so you can’t read them. You are told to keep the tacho needle up in the top quadrant where you can see it.

    The only rule is - don’t fall off - if you do, your day is over.

    All the instructors are great and I even got to briefly meet Ron.

    At the end of the day, on the start / finish straight, we saw Ron do the longest rolling stoppie I’ve ever seen (on a Fireblade)

    Machine control at a whole other level.

    Ive still got a photo somewhere of me on the Craner Curves.

    I guarantee you’ll enjoy it.

    But if you really want an adrenaline rush; take your bike over to the Nurburgring.

    I scared myself a bit there. It’s easy to get a bit carried away.

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  9. I’d love a go at it!
    I don’t have a track bike though.
    And to be honest, I wouldn’t want to do it on mine.Its not a race bike. 1C1A5EF4-15B1-410F-8F30-969FEBC779DE.jpeg
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  10. yeah can’t wait can’t beat camping in my van bt sport app on Not had a bike for about 5 years now keep thinking about getting another one but That would probably mean I use the camper less.
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  11. So?
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  12. Still a cool ride though.

    How’s the K75 coming along ?

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  13. Me neither...
    Anyone know if C5 are still doing a midweek summary ??

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  14. 3-0C7DB713-1236380-480.jpg

    My 1200 bandit...
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  15. A57CA70E-7A0A-4521-8B9D-A117A9BABF22.jpeg EC24288C-E803-405F-ACC0-BDCAE6E24FEC.jpeg A57CA70E-7A0A-4521-8B9D-A117A9BABF22.jpeg
    Ok, thanks. Getting there slowly. 2D7D8CC8-3196-40C8-8FE5-2A170FC73406.jpeg 153E77CD-8F75-409D-B4E7-9417C9862C6A.jpeg Had the rear splines replaced on the prop as it was toast.
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  16. Was.. mugello race was one of the best in modern times...:thinking:
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    Rossi did it, everyone pretty much copied's supposedly an air brake as they do it in corner entry.

    I've tried it on my road bike, all I've found is it stops you gripping the tank with your legs as your weight shifts forward, thus you crush your nuts a bit.

    It all got a bit Max Moseley at that point so I stopped.
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  18. One death already...:(

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