MOT Exempt.Still a little bit confused

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  1. Just had a reminder for my tax. This is the second year it is free but the first year that it doesn’t need an MOT. Went on line and taxed it without any problems using the code on the letter. It’s now showing up as taxed until 2020. All good so far but it does mention that if it is mot exempt that a form should be used when taxing. I’ve never filled in any form but the car is taxed. The old mot ran out in February. Do I just leave it at this????
  2. It's fine as is, automatically knows no MOT is required.
  3. Taxed Tilly last week she is exempt but there was a button to press if your vehicle is considered MOT exempt easy peesy
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    Strangely I didn’t get that button.
  5. me neither. we may get it online when it's next due tax (and the system has caught up) or we may need to take the form in to the post office. DVLA told me NOT to take the form in until the tax is due next - September for me :)
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    Mine would be exempt anyway but they don’t know that!
  7. they do really. if there's any authority questioning it they will know by the age that it likely is :)
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    Sorry, I meant wouldn’t!
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  9. Yes you are fine, It is confusing. I took my V5 to the Post Office early last year and registered mine has a historic vehicle and the women on the counter asked me if I wanted to make it MOT exempt.

    If you go on it should say under MOT “No results returned” …well it does on mine so I'm presuming it is MOT exempt.

  10. my fiesta 1/ 8 /78 i take it i have to wait till then
  11. It's definitely not black and white. No button to press. No form filled in. But it is taxed .
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  12. that's exactly what happened with mine so I called them. They said not to worry about it and just take the form in to the post office when my tax is due. I don't like the big red banner alert on there but they said that if anyone in authority questions it they will know it is actually mot exempt - it's just nosy neighbours who will think it's out of MOT :D
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  13. I did the same. Called them. They said it’s fine.
  14. 7F94BB62-EE9A-47D3-B222-0EC2D017836D.png

    Im concerned now. Mines historic and has been for years. Taxed till september ish but mot staus is showing as below. Using it daily so a bit of a worry!
  15. The top of the warning says: This vehicle may be MOT exempt.
    DVLA & DVSA will both tell you its fine. Give DVSA a call to put your mind at rest
    In September you should get opportunity to tick the MOT exempt self declaration or to fill in the relevant form
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    “Should” being the operative word.
    Seems like complete luck of the draw as to whether or not you actually get the tick-box pop up.
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  17. emailed em... no response!
  18. I didn't renew the mot last time and I have been driving about over the winter without being pulled over for having no mot...
    When I next have to re tax it if it has the button to press then fine if not I won't loose sleep over it.
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  19. Response from DVLA:

    Dear Mr Dickinson
    Thank you for your email enquiry dated 15 March 2019, concerning an historical vehicle.
    The DVLA operate the Vehicle Check service, so you will need to contact them for advice on the information displayed on it.
    The DVLA Email Service can be found here
    Telephone: 0300 790 6801 for drivers queries.
    0300 790 6802 for vehicle queries.
    However, as long as the DVLA have a date of manufacture/first use on the vehicle record which shows the vehicle is over 40 years old, the on-line tax renewal system and other enforcement systems should automatically pick up that the vehicle is MOT exempt.
    I hope this information has assisted you with your enquiry, but if you have any further questions please do not hesitate to contact us again.
    Kind Regards

    My work here is done!!!!
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