Morning all

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Honky, Jan 28, 2013.

  1. Morning been out for a short walk after dropping car off. We had a great chat to the guy doing the radar recording of car speeds on our road.
  2. 72wilma

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    it's Tuesday that means one more day and then i can collapse!

    and how inconsiderate of Kate to have the baby the day before we finish; can we have a party for the new baby a member of staff asked ... er, no :eek:
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  3. poor kids sooo strict:D
  4. Morning :) Off to Womad on Friday for the weekend, but stopping off in Warwickshire tonight and Gloucestershire tomorrow night. Been looking forward to this for ages as it's likely to be our main holiday this year. Hope it's not too wet/stormy/swelteringly hot. Would prefer "just right" if at all possible... :thumbsup:
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  5. bernjb56

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    Morning all - woke up at home instead of in the van :( Apparently that's good because I have 'a lot of jobs to do' :(:(
  6. Morning all, funny old week , but in just a day and a half I shall be on leave for two whole weeks TWO ! Saw THE Wolverine last night, it rocked lots !
  7. G'morgen Row, and everybody else up and running :)
  8. Terrordales

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    Morning all
    It's been a lovely sunny day & so warm, I'm down at the beach with the dogs
  9. Morning. Off to the bus stop shortly - no beach or dogs for me. :(
  10. Terrordales

    Terrordales Nightshift Admin

    It's got cool now, I'll have to put a jumper on :(
  11. Good Moaning:cool:
  12. Morning all, half a day in training then two whole massive weeks off ! Shame we are skint and currently arguing whether we should take the bus or the ford camping this afternoon , Breck farm here we come , so see you all monday , an advanced Happy 10th Birthday to our son Bowen for Sunday :theforce::chewie::gnome::beer:
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  13. Happy birthday Bowen. And happy camping Row.

    Short day for me as well (Fridays always are). Not looking forward to the weekend much, though.
  14. G'morgen. have a great weekend yall
  15. Terrordales

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    Morning all, the week is over & now onto packing some more boxes of "stuff"
  16. bernjb56

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    morning all - looking forward to Tatton today :thumbsup:
  17. hailfrank

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  18. Ahhhh lazy Sunday morning with a cup of tea and a pastry from my lovely other half :)

    Morning all!
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  19. Morning all , bathroom cleaned, leaving room down, cake decorated, garden to do, 30 odd guests this afternoon for the boys birthday party, you shall find me in the bus with a pimms ( without keys) :D
  20. I always find there are odd guests at parties as well...
    Have a fun time!
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