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  1. Ok then im thinking of putting truck mirrors on my bus would they be better on a rat bus or a shinney bus ?????????? help advice needed please b4 i get some ?????????????? :)
  2. bernjb56

    bernjb56 Moderator

    I'm a bit confused man. Are you going to get the mirrors and then make the van fit them?

    I'd probably work out what kind of van I was having first :-
  3. As said a few days ago, I have the same big rigs as the november camper and bus cover car . they stuck out a mile though so currently being shortened .

    check out nov c&b mag . I think they work on shiny & ratty ...imho
  4. Na m8 u can buy truck mirrors for vw buses , just didnt know weather they looked better on rat buses or shinney buses ???????

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