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  1. We've just spent the weekend at this site and it was ace. The site was big but split up into about 3 fields and didn't feel crowded at all. We stayed in Molls Meadow which allowed dogs, Other areas are dog free. The meadow was a little bumpy in places so the chocks were needed.The lady in reception pointed us to the best pitch and she was right. We had a great view out to the sea and could see the sun rise and fall.





    The facilities were great and very clean. There was even an ice cream van that came round each night.

    It was about a 10 min walk to the beach where you can go crabbing and do a little sunbathing. No luck with the crabs for us but we'll try again next time.

    We had one casualty from the weekend. Woodys chair died :(


    Would definitely go again and recommend to anyone.

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  2. bernjb56

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    Looks really relaxing :)
  3. I have heard it is nice there looks lovely maybe I will put it on the list of ' I live in Norfolk so really should visit there if the van makes it '................
  4. Woodylubber

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    Iv'e never been to Cromer before, great little old style seaside town and really nice campsite, the weather always helps and it's been boiling, Norfolks a lovely place
  5. Fond mermories of cromer, catching crabs, camped on a very slopeeE campsite on a hill and my then little boy won the beautiful baby contest o_Oin the town carnival week. We had a great time ,love the norfolk area and rivers and the coast , some nice places to visit. Glad you all had a great time, what a beautiful week to pick. :thumbsup:
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  7. That would be telling woody but i could show you how if you like;).They are only little things ,not the sort you could make a sandwich outa!!
  8. Woodylubber

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    Silver put me onto how to catch em :confused: i reckon he had me on coz I never caught nowt
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  9. he doesnt no the right stuff ta put on your hook:).Did you have a nice fresh crab sarni thou yummmm.
  10. No crab sarnies but lotsa ice cream because it was super hot :)
  11. Crabs like raw bacon tied to a piece of string, they don't like to let go, raw bacon is strong and if your knot's good - you win. :thumbsup:
  12. Silver

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    No hooks mate, just a flat net and half a pack of bacon tied in the bottom, can't fail.......unless your WoodyLubber:D
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  13. Silver

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  14. No one was catching anything though and that was after your crabbing advice!!!

    We went to this one year, there was hardly more than 20 people competing but the kids loved it. Now discontinued after 1500 people turned up and it couldn't cope. Such a shame quirky stuff like this is just what you want on your hols.
  16. Silver

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    We went there last month and the kids were filling buckets with crabs, tipping them out and filling them again. We didn't even have to walk more the 20yards from where we parked the van. Best crabbing ever.
  17. Silver

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    You did buy Kosher bacon like I said!
  18. Woodylubber

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    Cheapo stuff, was yours smoked
  19. Silver

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    It was whatever the guy next to us was using as we left ours in the fridge back at the campsite:) you probably caught the tide at the wrong time!
  20. lug worm is best believe me or prawn or muscles , how many pigs do you get on the bottom of the ocean;)

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